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Apache - Virtual Server Setup

By Sergey Skudaev

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Here we learn how to configure Apache to setup virtual servers. If you do not install Apache and PHP then first read tutorial about installation and configuration Apache and PHP under Windows.

If you develop several web sites on your local PC it is convenient to create separate virtual server for each web site.

On my PC, Apache installed in c:/Apache2.2 directory. On your PC it may be different. Anyway find conf directory inside the Apache directory and open httpd.conf file in notepad. Scroll down to the end of the file and type a directive for a virtual server. I give you example of two vertual servers with IP address of and You can create as many virtual servers as you want using this excample as a template.

<directory /sitea/htdocs>
allow from all
ServerAdmin admin@sitea
DocumentRoot "/sitea/htdocs"
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "sitea/cgi-bin/"
ErrorLog /sitea/error.log
CustomLog /sitea/access.log common

<directory /siteb/htdocs>
allow from all
ServerAdmin admin@siteb
DocumentRoot "/siteb/htdocs"
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "siteb/cgi-bin/"
ErrorLog /siteb/error.log
CustomLog /siteb/access.log common

In my case, on C drive I created directory sitea/htdocs and siteb/htdocs. Place index.html file in each hdocs directory.

For site A, I type in index.html the following line of html code: <h1>Site A</h1>
In index.html for site b I typed the following line of html code: <h1>Site B</h1>

Restart Apache, open browser and type in url and press enter.

The browser displays text: Site A.

Type and press enter. The browser display text: Site B

You can place PHP file in each root (htdocs) directory and try to run it. It will be running.

Now you can develop two separate web sites.

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