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The two directions bubble sort algorithm - C++ source code

By Sergey Skudaev

Precondition:  The function accepts an unsorted array  []  and integer size that is the size of the array.

Post condition:  Sorted array

The function performs the two direction bubble sort. It starts from the head and from the tail of the array and compares two adjusted cells. If the numbers are not in order, they are exchanged.

After each pass, the array becomes shorter by one cell from the head and by one cell from the tail.  

#include "stdafx.h"

using namespace std;

int*  TwoBubbleSort ( int  size, int array [] );
void exchange (int array[], int a, int b);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])

int array[10];
int i=0;

 while (i < 10)

cout<<"Please enter a number."<<endl;

				cout<<"Unsorted array:"<<endl;
				for(int k=0; k<10;k++)

 //call the sorting function
 int* arr=TwoBubbleSort (i,array);

				cout<<"Sorted array:"<<endl;
				for(int n=0; n<10;n++)

   int hold = 1;
   cin >> hold;

return 0;

int* TwoBubbleSort ( int size, int array [] ) { int current = 0; int* pointer; bool sorted = false; pointer=array; while (( current < size )&&( sorted == false )) { int walker1 = size -1; // walks from the tail to the head int walker2 = current; // walks from the head to the tail sorted = true; while ( walker1 > current ) { if ( array [walker1] < array [walker1-1] ) { sorted = false; exchange ( array, walker1, walker1-1 ); } walker1 = walker1 - 1; if ( array [walker2] > array [walker2 + 1] ) { sorted = false; exchange ( array, walker2, walker2 + 1 ); } walker2 = walker2 + 1; } current = current + 1 ; size = size -1; } return pointer; } void exchange (int array[], int a, int b) { int temp=array[a]; array[a]=array[b]; array[b]=temp; }

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