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Simple search engine optimization tips that work

By Sergey Skudaev

I want to share with you simple search engine optimization tips that work. It is believed that web site with good contents and designed for human being visitors is not required Search Engine Optimization. It is not quite true. It is correct that when you create your web site you should care about your visitors first. Period. But SEO can help you to get higher place in the Google search result list. What I have learned so far can be summarized in the following statements.

1. Meta tag should be included in your HTML page.

Keywords should be not only tightly related to web site contents, but must be included in the page body and repeated several times (not too many times!). It is better to include keywords at the top or at the bottom of the page.

2. Select catchy and descriptive page title. The title is a text that goes in between <title> and </title> tags in your web page header. Include keywords in title. It should not be longer than 60 characters.

3. Write catchy attractive and straight description of your web page in description Meta tag. Include keywords in description.

4. Think what phrase your visitors may type in search box. Use Google AdWords keyword tool to find out how many users use a keyword in their search queries:KeywordToolExternal Do not select for your web page optimization keywords for which competition is very high.

5. Wisely use navigation and links within your site. Any of your page should be reachable from the first or second layer pages. The link anchor text should be correct and catchy. The more links your page gets from other pages within your site the more important it will be considered by search engine. The most important pages on your site should receive the most links. If you need to link many of your pages to an unimportant page, then use "nofollow" attribute. <a href="not_important_page.html" rel="nofollow">contact us</a> Number of links should not exceed 150 per page.

Your url is not valid!

Count number of links on your web page

6. If you use image, write catchy and descriptive alt attribute. Never skip it.

7. You should create sitemap.xlm file and robots.txt file. Sitemap.xml file includes URL for all you pages. You can download PHP sitemap generator and install it on your web site.

8. Create robots.txt file: Robots.txt file tells robots what pages they should not visit. For example, robots file contents like this

User-agent: *
Disallow: /images/

tells that all robots can visit all your web site directories except "images" directory. More detailed explanation can be found at robots.html

9. Validate your HTML

10. Free Broken Link Checker

11. Submit your web site to search engines. Create google account:

Google's webmaster tools

12. Submit your web site to directories:

Aplus.Net Directory

top-search-engines.htm express_inclusion, Search Engine Placement

13. Find reliable host. Hosting is not expensive.

Upload on your server PHP scrip that will monitore your web site

14. Do not stop learning:
Links to web tutorials about search engine optimization:

15. Check your web site PageRank using Firefox with google tool bar:

My eBooks on

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