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How to create MS Access Application

By Sergey Skudaev

Person who use computer for many tasks often has to remember many passwords. It is possible to save all your passwords in one file on desktop, but then any intruder from internet may read the file and get access to your accounts. It is better to keep all your passwords in password protected database. I will show you how to create a password protected MS Access application to store your login, passwords, and accounts.

First we need to create a database and a table. For details you may read my tutorial Database Design and Implementation.

Open MS Access and click File, New. Then select empty database. File New Database window displays. Enter file name password_keeper.mdb and click Create button. A new database is created.

Select Tables in Object panel and click "Create table in design view" Table1 window displays in design view. Enter fields names and data types.

accessid Autonumber
targettext 100 characters
Login text leave default 50 character
Passwordtext leave default 50 character
Note memo

See figure 1. Hover mouse over a thumbnail to see large image.

create ms access table

Figure 1.

Click accessed field by right mouse button and select Primary key. Save table with name passwords.

Select Forms on Object panel and click Create by using wizard. See figure 2.

create ms access table

Figure 2.

When Form Wizard window is displayed, select table passwords and move each field, except accessid, from Available Fields panel to Selected fields panel by selecting a field and clicking > button. See figure 3 and 4

ms access Form Wizard window

Figure 3.

ms access create form

Figure 4.

When all fields are moved click Next button. Form Wizard Displays with Layout choices. Select Justified. See figure 5.

ms access form

Figure 5.

Click Next button. Form Wizard with style choices displays. Select any choice you loke. See Figure 6

ms access Form Wizard with style

Figure 6.

Click Next button.

ms access Form Wizard

Figure 7.

Enter Form name "Passwords" and select Modify the form's design. On Form in design view you can move and resize fields how you like.

ms access Modify the form's design

Figure 8.

Continue Password Keeper

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