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               This web site is developed with intention to collect in one place and to share with you some computer programming and web developing tips and tutorials that I wrote while learning or teaching computer programming. This site is not only for those who want to learn computer or web programming. If you are a small business owner who wants to create web site for your business you can find here useful information about domain name registrationweb site hosting

Web Development

               Here you will find information about installation and configuration all software that you need to develop web site: Apache, PHP and MySQL. I published PHP code examples to display image, to upload file, to display data from MySQL database, from MS Access database, or from a delimited file.

               You can download a complete web base application in PHP The Online Test This web application has two level of security. Administrator can add users (students who are going to take online tests.) User can log in, read course material and then take the exam. Administrator can view all user scores and reset exams. MySQL database is used to store data. I did not care much about design of the application for you can beautify it by yourself.

               You will find example of CSS file for a web page layout, JavaScript code to validate data before submitting a form with such fields as name, phone number, email, date of birth.

Responsive website demo: My Planet Earth

Databases Tutorials

               In tutorial about designing and building database in MS Access I show you step by step how to decide what tables you need to create and what relationships between the tables provide the best performance. You will find few examples on how to create database in MS Access and MySQL. Here you can find examples of the Structured Query Language (SQL) and data definition language (DDL). You will learn the basics of database security.

Computer Programming in C++

               In 1996, I was admitted to Borough of Manhattan Community College where I studied C++ . If you have never known how to program I give you a chance to learn how to write a simple computer program in C++. The start C++ tutorial explains how to use MS Visual Studio to develop a simple application in C++.

               College students will find here tutorials which explain linked list and different kind of sort algorithms. I wrote few Sort Algorithm Demo Java applets which display how data is moved inside an array from cell to cell to get it sorted. I included Java source codes for each demo applet and C++ code for each sort algorithm.

Programming in Java

               The start Java tutorial helps you to understand how to edit PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables to be able to run Java application. I included few Java code examples: a simple Java application with MS Access database and MySQL database; an Applet with Java threads, an Applet that generates rhymed poems, and an Applet with a guess word game. The most popular is an example of using Java properties file. The sort algorithm demo in Java, I mentioned before, may be interesting to college students.

Programming in Visual Basic

               I completed six months computer school in Visual Basic in New York in 1997 and passed Microsoft Certified Exam. After that I worked some time as a VB instructor for another computer school. I had a student who just bought computer for the first time and after 8 months he had learned Visual Basic well enough to find job.

               In start VB tutorial you will learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 to build a simple VB application. I wrote an example of complete VB application for storing passwords. One example shows how to use Windows API function. I will continue to add code examples.