PHP code to display on your page any table from MySQL db

By Sergey Skudaev


By Sergey Skudaev

Here you will find PHP code example that pulls data from MySQL database and displays it on the form. If you are developing a PHP application you have to display records from different tables and each time you have to write HTML code for table with different column numbers and names. This PHP code example is universal for any query.

As a result you can use the same php template that reads meta data: counts fields, reads field names and creates a suitable HTML table. Pulls fields values and display data inside the table. You can create any table in MySQL database, write any SQL query and copy it in place of my query in my code example.


&hostname = "localhost";
&dbuser = "myuser";
&dbpassword = "mypasswprd";
&dbname = "mydbname";

     &db_link=mysql_connect(&hostname, &dbuser, &dbpassword)
     or die("Unable to connect to the server!");

     or die("Unable to connect to the database");


        $sql="select product, price from products where catid=1 order by product ";

// find position of "FROM" in query
        $fpos=strpos($sql, 'from');

        // get string starting from the first word after "FROM"
        $strfrom=substr($sql, $fpos+5, 50);

        // Find position of the first space after the first word in the string
        $Opos=strpos($strfrom,' ');

        //Get table name. If query pull data from more then one table only first table name will be read.
        $table=substr($strfrom, 0,$Opos);

       // Get result from query

        print('<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">');


        if($num_row >0)
                //Get number of fields in query


       # get column metadata
        $i = 0;

         //Set table width 15% for each column
        $width=15 * $num_fields;

        print('<br><table width='.$width.'% align="center"><tr>');
        print('<tr><th colspan='.$num_fields.'>View&nbsp'.$table.'</th></tr>');

         while ($i < $num_fields)

          //Get fields (columns) names
        $meta = mysql_fetch_field($result);


       //Display column headers in upper case



               //Get values for each row and column

                    for($i=0; $i<$num_fields; $i++)
                    //Display values for each row and column





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