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Confirm Delete with noty.js code example

By Sergey Skudaev

This is a demo for confirm delete message. To implement it, I used noty-2.3.8.js JQuery plugin.

When I downloaded noty zip file, I unzipped it to js directory. It includes 3 folders:layouts, packaged, themes and 2 files:jquery.noty.js and promise.js.


Figure 1. Noty.js Directory Structure.

Open the themes folder and open default.js file. Here you can customize how your notification looks. You can change colors and more...

On figure 2 you can see a part of the code where you can modify message background color, border color and button color for every message type.

To view the demo, click trash icon on the right of the record in the table below. A message "name + record will be deleted!" will be displayed with Ok and Cancel buttons. Click the Cancel button and the record will not be deleted. Click the trash icon again. Now, click Ok button on the confirmation message and the record will be deleted. The code, to display the message and delete the record, can be downloaded here.


Figure 2. How to modify colors


On the figure 3, you can see a code that displays message. You can set message type: alert, warning etc. In my example, I use alert type if the message contains exclamation point. Other wise it has success type. (I use exclamation points only for warning or alerts messages)

You can set timeout time in millisecond, after which the message is closed. I use $msg_timeout PHP variable to hold the timeout value. The timeout of 2000-2500 milliseconds is long enough if you message is not long.


Figure 3. Code to display message.

You can set message position: layout:'top' layout:'topCenter' layout:'topLeft' layout:'topRight' layout:'bottomCenter' layout:'bottomLeft' layout:'bottomRight' layout:'center' layout:'centerLeft' layout:'centerRight' layout:'bottom'

IDFirst NameLast NameEmailDelete

Confirm delete demo

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