How to set free shopping cart to your web site

By Sergey Skudaev


How to accept payment from website visitors? The easiest way is PayPal.com. You have to sign in for a Busyness or premium account to accept payment and be able to withdraw cash. PayPal provides a piece of code to insert onto your web page. You can create Buy Now button, Donate button and add to shopping cart button.

Login to your PayPal account and select Merchant Services tab. There you will find different buttons and create a code to insert onto your web page.

PayPal Buy Now button

When you copy and paste your button code make sure that your edition software is not modified the code. I used TextPad for writing code and don't have to worry about that.

There is an example of a Donate button:

Recently, I discovered http://www.mals-e.com who provide a free shopping cart integrated with PayPal. You can create your own button or form to launch shopping cart. Shopping cart setup is not difficult for a person who knows little programming. In cart setup you can set minimum items a visitor must buy.

For example, I set shopping cart to my traveling web site to sell images and set minimum items to 5. If visitor will try to check out with less then 5 items, shopping cart will not allow it.

In button code, or on the HTML form you set price for the item and a page to which visitor will be redirected when she clicks Continue Shopping link on the shopping cart.

When user clicks "Go to Payment" button, the form for required information will be displayed. After the visitor fill all required information and click the CONTINUE button PayPal login page will be displayed. The visitor logs in PayPal and pays. Then she must click Return to Merchant link to return back to your web site. Payment receipt will be sent to her email.

Shopping cart setup allows you to choose to which page of your web site visitor will return.

You can go to my site and try my shopping cart to see how it is working. Set Schopping Cart Example

PayPal sends back some data about transactions and your can use this data to display a report with customer orders.

For that you have to use PHP and MySQL database to save orders. It is my testing orders. You can see item sold, customer name, address and so on.

Shopping Cart Example

Shopping Cart on my best-your-trip.com site

Customer Orders Report

Order DateImages SoldTotalNameAddressCitySTZipEmail
0.50Sergey Skudaev123 Main St.DunedinFL34698sssss@yahoo.com
0.50Sergey Skudaev123 Main St.DunedinFL34698sssss@yahoo.com

On http://www.mals-e.com site, there is detailed instruction on how to setup the shopping cart. However, if you have problems your can contact me at master@configure-all.com and I will set up shopping cart for your site.

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